image_main_04A sparkling and hilarious treat

“In From Bad to Wurst, Denise Barnes takes us on a hilarious series of adventures as she grapples with life working in a Bavarian health spa – learning German, becoming a vegetarian cook and dealing with amorous Bavarians are just some of the problems she encounters and overcomes with the customary ingenuity, determination and wicked sense of humour of an English girl abroad.

There are bittersweet moments, too, as Denise looks back on her youthful adventures and brings them up to date by revisiting Bavaria, this time as a guest rather than a naïve young kitchen maid.

Denise brings a sparkling, fresh and witty eye to her descriptions of youthful dreams and indiscretions that will strike a chord with everyone who has yearned for adventures abroad.

This book is a must-have for anyone who is thinking of visiting Germany – even if only in your imagination. It’s a treat equally for those with the energy to board a plane and for those whose travelling is done from the comfort of an armchair.”

Richard Milton

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