If I look back on my career I realise I’ve unpacked my suitcase in a score of countries and worked at more jobs than I care to remember. Mentionable ones include selling lipstick in a Denver department store, cat-walk modelling in Atlanta, assistant to the UN Narcotics Director in Geneva, chauffeuring a Swiss Gnome in Zurich, assistant to an internationally-famous film producer based in London, and cooking in a sanatorium in Germany, which gave rise to my first book: from Bad to Wurst: Bavarian adventures of a veggie cook.

Back home in England, I took up Britain’s third most reviled profession—as an estate agent!  Juggling the running of my chain of eight offices in the south-east with taking an honours degree with Open University, I managed to pursue my life-long passion for writing.

I sold my business in 2005 to the wrong buyers and Seller Beware was the result.  I now have time to resume my love of fiction writing: three books of The Voyagers trilogy are now out and my writing career is moving on to even grander things….