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image_main_06You step off a train onto the platform of a country station encircled by the Bavarian Alps. Dozens of passengers swing their skis down as lightly as their baggage and you are carried along to the village of Bayrischzell. Crisp air fills your lungs. There’s a church spire in the distance, and individual houses, some splashed with murals, line several lanes. Everywhere is white.

They’ve sent a car to whisk you up the hill towards the woods, and there in front is the house—a Tyrolean delight. Tannerhof. A waft of apples, cinnamon and pine accompanies the cheerful housekeeper as she opens the door of this hundred-year family-owned health clinic that will magically transform you during your stay.

She leads you up the polished stairs to a landing with braided rugs and flower-painted wardrobes and chairs, and ushers you into your room. You can’t wait to dispense with your luggage and dart onto your private verandah. Your heart skips to see a view of the famous mountain, the Wendelstein. Church bells mingle with cowbells way below.

‘Lunch is served in fifteen minutes,’ the housekeeper says in her lilting Bavarian accent. ‘If you need anything, you must tell me.’

On the pine dressing-table is a small pink vase filled with the first Edelweiss of spring. You bury your nose in their sweet perfume. You discover a shower room which looks as though it has been installed that morning. You’re soothed by the simple clean comfortable perfection.

Enticing savoury smells greet you as you wander downstairs where a small queue gathers. German floats over you as you help yourself to the scrumptious salad buffet and sit with several men and women, all chatting. They welcome you to Tannerhof and a dirndled waitress brings your main course. You admire the presentation of mushroom strudel with onion sauce, wild rice in the shape of a doll’s sandcastle, fresh green beans and fennel. You don’t admire the presentation for long!

Doctors are always available in this clinic which firmly believes in healthy food (part vegetarian); fresh air; exercise, to include cycling, walking, swimming and skiing; special alternative treatments for individual ailments and massage; and leisure and relaxation where you can learn painting, dancing and yoga.

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