image_main_05Bavaria is Germany’s largest and oldest state. Although with a unique appearance of its own, Bavaria is yet inseparably linked to German and European culture.

Bavaria is Germany’s southernmost state. It has always been a crossroads of trading routes to the Mediterranean and Southeast Europe. Since the Alps had never formed an impassable barrier, Bavaria was open from an early time to the influences of Mediterranean culture. They were entrenched in the Bavarian way of life, in the principle ‘Live and let live’ and in the informal sociability of its people.

Bavaria is not merely endowed with scenic beauty and a wealth of cultural monuments, nor is it just a holiday and leisure spot famed for its hospitality. The Free State is also the top farming province of Germany.

In recent decades Bavaria has been transformed into a modern industrial state with an advanced economic structure. In addition to major international companies, numerous small and medium-size businesses, thriving craft trades and efficient service industries build Bavaria’s economy.

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