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April Fool, book or $50 gift card winner?

APRIL-FOOLS-POSTER IToday and only until 4 April, you could win a signed paperback copy of Annie’s Story, the first book in The Voyagers trilogy. You can also  enter a grand draw for a $50 Amazon gift card. IndieBRAG, who award the prestigious B.R.A.G. Medallion to the top 10% of indie published fiction, are celebrating this special day of day of spring fun.

You have two chances to win. Firstly, to win a copy of my book, read the following journal extract from Annie’s Story and leave a comment saying whether you think it’s genuine or not. If you’re correct, you’ll go into the draw for my book. If not, then it’s April Fool! Good luck!

Secondly, a chance to win a $50.00 Amazon Gift Card! Be sure to visit the IndieBRAG April Fools event page to enter. The winner will be announced on 5 April on the indieBRAG website.
Please note:
–         You must be 18 years or older to participate in the prize & giveaway.
–         Giveaway is open internationally.
–         Winner has 48 hours to claim prize and giveaway or a new winner is chosen.

On to the giveaway draw for Annie’s Story – true or false?
24th April 1921
How can Ferguson do this to me? If I’d had any suspicion about his wandering eye I never would have married him, let alone agreed to go all that way to Australia with him. He promised me we would better ourselves from a life in service. We still ended up in service although I admit I was happy at the beginning. But it was my great mistake when I invited Ruby my sister to visit us. She made eyes at Ferguson right away and he was too weak to refuse her. A grand betrayal, if ever there was one because she had his baby. She said she’d always loved him and it was her chance of happiness. As if that wasn’t cruel enough, now it’s Ethel my youngest sister who I always thought was so innocent, so loving, so loyal. But she’s turned out even worse. She says she’s also having his child and is sailing to America with him next month.
My heart which I thought had already broken is now smashed to pieces. Even my children are not bringing me any joy. I just sit and cry all day. There’s no one who I can talk to, only my journal.
I have only just been able to comfort Ruby because she knows how I feel now that it’s happened to her. Ferguson has left two sisters looking after his three children and plans to go off to America with the third sister. You, Ethel. He even had the cheek to say to me, ‘Third time lucky, Annie.’
Ethel, how could you do this to me?

I’ll be back on 4 April to let you know who’s guessed correctly and who wins a FREE signed paperback of Annie’s Story! See you then!